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PPR hot and cold water pipe

PPR hot and cold water pipe

PPR hot and cold water pipe
PPR hot and  cold water pipe

PPR hot water pipe
PPR hot water pipe is generally used as heating connection pipe, but also can be used in water heater hot water pipe, because of its high temperature, high pressure and commonly used as home fittings pipe; PPR is random copolymer of propylene and ethylene, PP-R pipe is made by extrusion molding of PP-R resin. Quality control of raw materials for PPR pipes

Product features
1. Hygienic and non-toxic: All parts of the pipeline system composed of PP-R pipes and fittings can be completely non-toxic, and the hygienic indexes meet the requirements of GB/T17219 standard.
2. Stainless corrosion: It can withstand PH value in a wide temperature range and acid and alkali corrosion in a high concentration of 1-14.
3, wear resistance, no scaling: PP-R pipe and fittings inside smooth and uniform, flow resistance is small and no scaling.
4. Reduce vibration and noise: PP-R tube has excellent sound insulation performance, can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.
5. Anti-freeze Cracking: PP-R material has excellent elasticity, so that the cross-section of pipe and fittings can expand with the frozen liquid together without cracking.
6. Anti-condensation, less heat loss: PP-R material is a bad thermal conductor, can reduce the phenomenon of condensation and reduce heat loss.
7, anti electric corrosion: PP-R material is a poor conductor, which can avoid the phenomenon of electric corrosion.
8, simple installation: light weight, easy to install and operate, and has solderability.
9. Large cross-sectional area: the inner diameter of PP-R pipe fittings is slightly larger than that of the connecting pipe, which can ensure that the flow resistance of the fluid in the pipe fittings does not increase.
10, recyclable: PP-R pipes and pipes can be recycled and reused.
11, long service life: the pipeline system has a life expectancy of 50 years under prescribed service conditions.

Scope of application
1. Hot and cold drinking water system
2, industrial fluid conveying system
3, seaside facilities in the pipeline system
4. Air conditioning system
5, agricultural irrigation system
6. The internal piping system of conveyance.

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