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Sino Lu pipeline culture

Pouring love and wisdom, respecting the harmony between nature and life is the eternal pursuit of Zhong Lu.

Putting technology and strength into practice and using green products to dress up life is the unremitting goal of Zhong Lu.

It is the solemn promise of Zhong Lu to integrate sincerity and enthusiasm to build a harmonious ecological homeland.

We have been working hard!

We have been striving!

We will succeed!

China and Lu vision to create first-class green products, build healthy and beautiful life

China and Lu aim to develop harmoniously and create the future together.

As a responsible enterprise, Zhonglu has never forgotten its mission to create wealth and value for society, create employment opportunities and constantly promote social progress with its own development.

The spirit of Zhong Lu is pragmatic, efficient and perfect.

In pursuit of sustainable development, we must maintain the correct direction on the way forward, take "pragmatic" and "efficient" as the basic ideological values, and make our business more orderly. Taking "perfection" and "innovation" as the opportunity to stand in the future, Zhonglu will have more perfect products and more innovative technology, and mature to cope with the market.

Business philosophy is based on quality and integrity.

Zhonglu brand building has always been implemented in products and services, the fundamental interests of consumers, at the same time, Zhonglu to become an innovative technology-based enterprises, the cause of development to expand a broad road.

The marketing concept adds value to customers and creates value for Zhong Lu.

The success of Zhong Lu originated from the recognition and trust of customers. The core of marketing is to win customers. Only with the continuous realization of customer value can we ensure the market and create brand.

Talents, talents, talents and talents

Zhonglu is a big stage, for each talented, idealistic, ambitious, and suitable for Zhonglu, matching Zhonglu staff to create a world of talent; with each sincere Zhonglu people grow up together, continuous progress, and as family members do not abandon.

The leadership idea sets an example by example, and both talents and talents.

The healthy development of any enterprise is inseparable from the leadership's role of guidance and demonstration. The leaders of Zhonglu also define their own position, treat their own career with sincerity, treat their own family with sincerity, create better self-cultivation with their own actions, and provide management ability. Pay attention to its key role in enterprise management.

Family concept and filial piety are always there. Thanksgiving is always there.

A faithful person must also be a person of filial piety, a sincere person must also be a grateful person. The middle Lu people not only live honestly.

Environmental philosophy cares for nature and cares for the future.

China and Lu should not only create "human harmony", but also strive to create harmony in the environment. China and Lu know that natural homestead is related to our future. From now on, from every small action, to express our respect and love for nature, to care for nature is to care for ourselves.

Two. Code of conduct for employees

Professional ethics

1, abide by the law and abide by the law, act according to the rules; uphold principles and distinguish right from wrong.

2, honesty and trustworthiness, there is no need to practice.

3, be loyal to your duties, do your duty well, love your work and respect others.

4, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, be modest and prudent; take responsibility bravely and be willing to give.

Professional image standardization

1, energetic, generous appearance, wearing signs, dress appropriately.

2, polite language, civilized speech; courtesy and respect, respect each other.

3, gestures are standardized, generous, warm and courteous.

Service behavior standard

1, treat each other equally, treat each other equally, think differently and respect each other.

2, seek common ground while reserving differences, communicate harmoniously; teamwork and boundless cooperation.

Code of conduct

1, target science and plan are feasible.

2, master skills, proficient in business, remember responsibilities and follow the process.

3, down-to-earth, preventive measures, pay attention to details, keep improving.

4, product clearance, excellent service; quality and effectiveness.

5, obey orders, obey orders, implement strictly and implement quickly.

6, diligent in thinking, learning for practical use, continuous improvement and continuous improvement.

Interpersonal norms

1, be magnanimous and honest, honest and frank.

2, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, complement each other; overall awareness and help each other.

3, peace of mind, get along well with each other; talk about matters and unite with others.

4, be strict with yourself, abide by the law, and be loyal to enterprises.

Code of conduct for Managers

1, we must be strict with ourselves, honest and clean, and loyal to enterprises and share weal and woe.

2, fulfil their duties, fulfill their duties, assume responsibility and fulfill their obligations.

Code of conduct for management

1, pay attention to principles and fair actions; reflect respect and treat others fairly.

2, target decomposition, plan carefully; process control, method guidance.

3, counselling subordinates, training and training; take the lead, speak and teach.

4, supervision and inspection, closed loop management, pay attention to implementation, pay attention to efficiency.

5, motivate employees, tap potential, appoint talents and achieve subordinates.

6, be enterprising and never satisfied; innovate and meet challenges.

Organizational behavior standard

1. Customer relationship

1.1, strictly abide by the commitment to consumers.

1.2. Solve customer complaints in the shortest possible time. When there is a conflict between the interests of customers and the interests of the company, the most important thing is the interests of customers.

No excuse, no obstacle.

1.3 Continue to provide consumers with safe, high-quality products and system solutions, customer satisfaction as the highest goal.

Don't fool down customers by not lowering standards.

1.4, pursue reasonable profits.

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