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Quality Management

Quality Management

Zhonglu pipe now has the most advanced production line which is equipped with gravity feeding system of raw material, full automatic drying device, ultrasonic on-line wall thickness tester, such as precision equipment, the whole line with integrated automatic control system. Raw material fully automatic drying equipment for the full drying of raw materials to ensure the quality and stability of the pipe. Ultrasonic on-line wall thickness control instrument in production on the pipe wall thickness of automatic detection and adjustment, and feedback, control gravity feeding system, ensure the pipe wall thickness, improving the physical properties of the material, to ensure that the pipe pressure equilibrium.

In order to improve the quality. The whole inspectors also do the IPQC inspection and make sure all the operators and equipment  running under control and requirement.


Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Electric thermostatic drying oven


Vernier caliper

Carbon black content tester

Auto Tensile Tester

Electronic Balance

Pipe hydrostatic testing machine

melting index apparatus


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Make fire - rate green products

Construct a healthy and beautiful life